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Dan LaVigne

A.M. Commute Dan LaVigne 30x30 oil

A.M. Commute

Briefcase Man Dan LaVigne 24x36 oil sold

Briefcase Man

Left-handed Shadow Dan LaVigne 24x36

Left-Handed Shadow

Miramar Dan LaVigne 11x14 oil


Rainy Day Dan LaVigne 24x36 oil

Rainy Day

Miramar Pool Dan LaVigne 14x11 oil

Miramar Pool

Foggy Morning

Foggy Morning

Adobe Shade

Adobe Shade

State Street

State Street

Glad for Company

Glad for Company

About Dan LaVigne

Dan La Vigne resides in Southern California. He received his M.F.A. degree from California State University, Long Beach. Mr. La Vigne’s work has always been defined by sensitivity to subject and distinctive eye for color. His oil paintings have graced numerous private collections throughout the United States. He was recently honored by being featured in the inaugural edition of The Best of America.

Artist’s Statement:

A painting begins with an idea in the artist’s mind, either upon discovering inspiration or having sought it out with exacting care. After that, they bring all that they know and feel to the subject until it is not just a picture of something, but about something. When the results communicate, it is because they have drawn water from a deep well of human experience.

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