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Dirk Foslien

Moon Over Merced River 12" x 16" Dirk Foslien

Moon Over Merced River

Lifting Fog Dirk Foslien 8x10 oil

Lifting Fog

Grand Canyon Dirk Foslien 6x8 oil

Grand Canyon

Big Sur Coast Dirk Foslien 8x10 oil

Big Sur Coast

Carmel Valley Dirk Foslien 11x14 oil

Carmel Valley

Elwood Reserve Dirk Foslien 20x24 oil

Elwood Reserve

Liquid Blue Dirk Foslein 24x12 oil

Liquid Blue

Los Padres Dirk Foslein 16x20 oil

Los Padres

Lupine and Poppies Dirk Foslien 20x24 oil

Lupine and Poppies

Malibu Moon Dirk Foslien 9x12 oil

Malibu Moon

About Dirk Foslien

Native Californian, Dirk Foslien became interested in art early in his life through the influence of his artist father and teachers who encouraged him to pursue art. Studying graphic arts and three-dimensional design in college gave him the foundation and technicalities necessary to create from concept to finished works. After his college studies he worked as a production artist and graphic illustrator in the aerospace industry at McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company.

After working six years in the commercial graphics field, he decided his calling was truly in the fine art field. Believing in a good fundamental training for the arts, he attended Muse Gallery and Studio in Baltimore, Maryland where he was taught the time-honored old-world painting methods. Both still life, landscape renderings, and figurative paintings incorporate expressiveness that Dirk feels is Spirit driven. His creativity reflects his faith in Christ, evident in the respect for God’s beautiful creation and gifts. His work is collected privately on the East and West Coast.

Artist’s Statement:

I want to bring a little of the Old World into the 20th and 21st centuries. I am committed to excellence and quality in my work and am encouraged that others enjoy the results of my artistic vision.

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