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Matthias Fischer

At Home in Provence 24x30 Matthias Fischer

At Home in Provence

Left Bank Bouquet 24x36 Matthias Fischer

Left Bank Bouquet

Old Point 20x24 Matthias Fischer

Old Point

Shades of Provence 20 x 24 by Matthias Fischer

Shades of Provence

Pacific Monument 20 x 24 by Matthias Fischer

Pacific Monument

Mediterranean Style 12x16 Fischer

Mediterranean Style

Forest Symphony 20x24 Fischer

Forest Symphony

Majestic Wildlands 16x20 Fischer

Majestic Wildlands

California Gold 24x24 Fischer

California Gold

Paris Romance 18x24 Fischer

Paris Romance

La Fontaine 20x24 Fischer

La Fontaine

Distant Tide Lands 24" x 30" Matthias Fischer

Distant Tide Lands

Touch of Winter 16" x 20" Matthias Fischer

Touch of Winter

Beau Village Matthias Fischer 16x20 oil

Beau Village

Flintridge Canyon Matthias Fischer 18x24 oil

Flintridge Canyon

Isle Sur La Sorgue Matthias Fischer 16x20 oil

Isle Sur La Sorgue

Floating In Air

Grand Vista

Infinite Reflection

Infinite Reflection

Riviera Jewel

Riviera Jewel

Pont Des Art Paris

Pont Des Art Paris

Santa Barbara Courthouse

Santa Barbara Courthouse

Santa Barbara Butterfly Beach

Santa Barbara Butterfly Beach

Lake Casitas

Lake Casitas

Whispering Horses

Whispering Horses

Above Saint-Remy

Above Saint-Remy

About Matthias Fischer

Matthias Fischer was born and raised in the small German town of Siegen, Westphalia, the same town where Flemish painter Rubens was born. From early on, he was immersed in a family environment inspired by European poetry and classical music. Fischer’s formal art training began with courses at “École ABC de Paris”. His love for America‘s natural beauty and vast wilderness inspired Matthias to study in California and later immigrate to the US.

Fischer’s graduation from Art Center College, Pasadena, also marked the day of his wedding to his college sweetheart. The next two decades held a successful career in advertising and a flourishing career in fine art. Traveling extensively throughout the US and revisiting favorite places in Europe, Fischer’s paintings merged the grandeur of AMERICA with the sophistication of FRANCE. Fischer has had several one-man shows and his artworks can be found in collections throughout the US and Europe.

Today, Matthias and his wife and their two Springer Spaniels live “at the edge of the wild” on their 25-acre farm “Springer Run,” near the Blue Ridge in Virginia.

Artist’s Statement:

Throughout my life, fine art and the outdoors have played an important role. I remember times of my youth spent in the “Rothaar” mountains with my sketch pad, observing nature’s theater. It continues to be an inspiration to be immersed in the outdoors and to be able to record it and bring it inside my studio. Painting has always been a form of reflection for me. I’m so glad to be able to share my experiences through my art with the rest of the world.

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