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Dennis Newell

Bear Claw Dennis Newell 30x30

Bear Claw

Robins Egg Blue Dennis Newell 30x30

Robin’s Egg Blue

Princess and the Biker Dennis Newell 36 x 36 $6,000

Princess and the Biker

Crossing the Cheyenne Dennis Newell 18x38 oil

Crossing the Cheyenne

Bus Stop Dennis Newell 36x24 oil

Bus Stop

Frida Dennis Newell 24x36 oil


O'Keeffe Flower Dennis Newell 40x40 oil

O’Keeffe Flower

Van Gogh Gladiator Dennis Newell 30x40 oil

Van Gogh Gladiator

Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby

Matisse and the Monk

Matisse and the Monk

About Dennis Newell

Dennis Newell was born along the Mississippi river in the state of Illinois to a family of artists. He began oil painting at a young age. Living on a ranch of horses it was natural for him to create western art, including wild life, equestrian works and American settings.

His latest artistic endeavor is a collection of portraits in honor of famous artists. These masterful paintings picture each artist with their wonderful works of art. This suite of paintings is truly unique, demonstrating his imaginative creativity, molding the past and present together.

Dennis Newell is a nationally collected artist, with five one man shows credited to him. In 2001 his work was chosen by the U.S. Art Gallery magazine in their top 50 prints for the year 2000. Currently his art is in several prestigious galleries throughout the U.S. and in private collections worldwide. One of Dennis’s design posters is exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. Recently he has moved his painting studio from the Los Angeles area to Santa Barbara, California, where he presently resides.

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