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Karl Dempwolf

Highland Spring Cabins 11x14 Karl Dempwolf

Highland Spring Cabins

The Mighty Malibu 18 x22 Karl Dempwolf

The Mighty Malibu

Big Tujunga 14x18 Karl Dempwolf

Big Tujunga

Yellowstone Grip of Winter 24 x 18 by Karl Dempwolf

Yellowstone Grip of Winter

Pine, Sycamore and Oak 21 x 28 by Karl Dempwolf

Pine, Sycamore and Oak

Lovers Point 9 x 12 by Karl Dempwolf

Lovers Point

Gate Keeper's Abode 12 x 16 by Karl Dempwolf

Gate Keeper’s Abode

Clinging 12" x 12" by Karl Dempwolf


View of the Highlands 22x18.5 Dempwolf

View of the Highlands

Bed of Stone 20x30 Dempwolf (1)

Bed of Stone

Aspens in the Snow 24x30 Dempwolf

Aspens in the Snow

Narcissa Studio 12" x 16" Karl Dempwolf

Narcissa Studio

Making Ready Karl Dempwolf 8x10 $2000

Making Ready

Grimes Canyon

Grimes Canyon

About Karl Dempwolf

Karl Dempwolf immigrated from Germany and now resides in Southern California. Karl is a writer and painter, however with time, painting emerged as his true passion, inspired by early California artists such as William Wendt, Charles Reiffel, and others who became his artistic icons. He continued his education at the Art Center of Design, Cal State Northridge and later achieved a Master’s in Fine Arts degree from USC. Karl was awarded the Life Time Achievement Award in 2017 for Plein Air Magazine. In 2015 President Obama gave Chancellor Merkel of Germany one of Karl’s paintings.

Karl’s stunning compositions demonstrate creative mastery in blending the essence of Impressionism with the Artist’s unique style of Expressionism, forging one-of-a-kind images which he sets into hand-carved, gilded frames. Like a jewel in an opulent setting, Dempwolf’s unique Expressionist paintings are sought after by distinguished collectors, and are seen in numerous permanent collections and museums.

Karl Dempwolf is a Signature Member of the California Art Club, where he gives demonstrations and lectures on art and artists of the California Impressionist movement from the late 1890’s to the present.

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